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e-Szignó e-Szignó logo

The Microsec e-Szignó Certificate Authority is registered and supervised by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) on both qualified and extended levels.

Our activities include all of the following:

  • Certificate authority services (issuing of certificates)
  • Timestamp services
  • Archiving services
  • The e-Szignó electronic signature software development
  • Establishing Public Key Infrastructure
  • Full range PKI consultancy
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PassBy[ME] PassBy[ME] logo

PassBy[ME] Mobile ID system is fully compliant with eIDAS specifications and offers a PKI-based, exceptional security, user-friendly operation and a multifunctional solution for any kind of online transaction type on a smart device. Functions are covering customer authentication, transaction authorization, trusted messaging and legally binding electronic signature.

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Company Register Company Register logo

Microsec is responsible for the development and operation of the Ministry of Justice' Service of Company Information and Electronic Company Registration. The service offers authentic and up-to-date information about companies registered at any Hungarian Court of Registration. The registry can be searched by registration number, company's name, head office address or tax number. The database contains all relevant company information, documents and  official statements. All data are current with respect to the official records.

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e-Delivery e-Delivery logo

To enjoy the advantages of electronic messaging to full extent appropriate security measures need to be taken. The Microsec e-Delivery solution provides for the safe delivery of electronic documents while eliminating the uncertainties of e-messaging. The focal point of our solution is that the sender not only receives a reliable evidence about the delivery of the message, but also it's guaranteed to be delivered confidentally, intact, and with the full authenticity of the sender.

Key element of our service is the delivery with proof effect of messages sent through the Internet. Our solution provides for the authenticity, confidentiality and uncompromised status of the electronic packages.

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