Our company has been developing and operating the Hungarian company information and company registration system as the technical service provider of the Ministry of Justice since 1989. Besides this maintains the electronic company registration service, providing direct access to the national company information database. Our company information services satisfies the individual needs with flexibility and fulfill the requirements of the highest technology and IT security standards.

All company data in one database

In accordance with the Act V of 2006 on Public Company Information, Company Registration and Winding-up Proceedings, we provide full transparency company data of more than 500,000 companies in Hungary.

Easy data migration to CRM systems

  • The company information service is accessible through manual and by machine to machine interface as well.
  • In case of machine to machine interface, the data can be requested ad-hoc or continuously in an automated way.
  • Our solution can be integrated into CRM systems with minimal developments.
  • Our system provides direct access to the data and company documents of all the Hungarian companies.

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