Security Infrastructure for Connected Vehicles

Microsec is pioneering in the development of the ecosystem of connected vehicles and road infrastructure in Europe. We offer the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) background that provides security infrastructure (V2X certificates) for car manufacturers, vendors, roadside and onboard unit developers, transportation and smart city infrastructure operators.

Microsec Office

Ensuring Vehicles Communication

Nowadays, the topic of self-driving cars gets a lot of attention even in everyday chit-chat. Such vehicles appear more and more frequently in several countries and developing the required technology became one of the main priorities of manufacturers. There are a lot of different opinions regarding autonomous vehicles and one kind of these simply argue the safety of them, posing questions, such as „What ensures that they will not crash into each other?” and the like. The answer is - beside many others - our beloved subject: PKI. Let’s see, how.

Microsec is ready to establish partnerships and participate in pilot projects. Please find our business development and R&D team. You may also meet us at ETSI PlugtestsTM events across the EU.

For more information please contact us via email.

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