Time Stamp

Microsec provides all necessary tools and services needed to fulfil secure and convenient electronic administration. Our solutions guarantee authenticity, confidentiality and uncompromised status for the documents. We are specialized in issuing certificates, as well as timestamp and archiving services, and development of electronic signature software.


PassBy[ME] is the next generation authentication solution that can be used in any environment where authenticating the user accessing an online service is highly important. This includes e-Government, financial and banking, e-commerce and cloud based services as well as VPN access.

Company Register

Microsec is responsible for the development and operation of the Ministry of Justice' Service of Company Information and Electronic Company Registration. The service offers authentic and up-to-date information about companies registered at any Hungarian Court of Registration.

With all the advantages of electronic messaging our key concern is security. The secure e-Delivery solution from Microsec does not only guarantee authenticity, confidentiality and uncompromised status of packages sent electronically, but also provides full proof on the sending process through registries and records.