Our services and customer service are available unchanged during a pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. Maintaining the continuity of our business is ensured by our business continuity action plan. Qualified trust services and company information services operated by Microsec are available with 99.9% availability.

Customer service

  • Our services can be requested, we are available by phone or at email.
  • Personal identification is possible at the secure customer identification point, next to our customer service office, as well as in any notary office.
  • If our customer chooses a notary office for personal identification, Chipcard (QSCD) delivery is by GLS courier after the documents are receipted.

Secure customer identification point

  • Our customers need no entry into the customer service field.
  • Customers are separated from our colleagues by a glass wall.
  • Identification takes only a few minutes.
  • The identification point field is continously disinfected.

Infection prevention in the office

  • At the end of February 2020, we suspended business trips and did not accept foreign business partners.
  • All forms of a personal business meeting are limited to the minimum.
  • Microsec’s offices are regularly disinfected.
  • Part of our employees works remotely so that reducing the chance of infection in the office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@microsec.hu e-mail.

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