It's hard to imagine digitalization without a digital customer. With the use of two-factor authentication, transaction authorization and electronic signatures business can be done online from identification to contracting without physical presence. PassByME brings mobility to administration, allowing contracting anywhere, anytime. With our Public Key Infrastructure-based (PKI) patented solution the customer emerges into the online world.

What are the advantages of PassByME Mobile ID?

  • Strong customer-authentication
  • Transaction order, legal binding, deniable authentication
  • Electronic signature for any type of document
  • Secure messaging, it produces evidence of delivery and opening of the message

Why PassByME Mobile ID?

  • Secure - Maximize security based on PKI technology and keep ergonomics high.
  • Legally Binding - Create non-repudiation signature that is legally binding.
  • Fast - Digitalize processes, minimize the need for in person administration.

PassByME is a Common Criteria EAL2 certified product. It was audited and tested by professionals to ensure that it fulfills the requirements of international security standards.

Two-factor authentication, transaction authorization - 2FA 

With PassByME the customer is able to conveniently approve logins and transactions anywhere, anytime. Based on his decision an electronically signed evidence is created making the delivery and the action taken non-repudiable.

Strong customer authentication - PSD2

By introducing PassByME financial institutions can fulfill the requirements of PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2 - 2015/2366 EU) Strong Customer Authentication. Above SCA the implemented solution will provide a future-oriented trusted messaging and online contracting system.

Mobile electronic signature - eIDAS

Creating electronic signatures was traditionally known as a stationary process requiring special hardware elements. PassByME accomplishes time- and location independent administration by allowing the orders, contracts, invoices arriving to the mobile to be signed remotely.

Put PassByME Mobile ID to the test! Discover the base functions of the solution in our demo system and experience the convenient and efficient administration with PassByME.

For more information visit passbyme.com

Try the PassByME Demo Bank

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