MicroCA Suite for eIDAS compliant TSPs to create and manage ECC ready CA services

MicroCA Suite is a Microsec developed software package that provides world class secure, eIDAS compliant solution to build, operate and manage a whole range of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) systems. MicroCA Suite is an elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) ready, flexible core system for Trust Service Providers (TSPs).

Main components

  • MicroCA application to issue digital certificates
  • MicroOCSP daemon to provide on-line certificate status information
  • MicroTSA server to create timestamps with high performance
  • MicroRA customer registration system to manage CA database
  • MicroARCHIVE system to preserve digitally signed documents

Microsec offers MicroCA Suite software package for those who build certificate authorities (CAs) and time-stamping systems with QTSP aspiration.

Sub components

  • MicroCERTSTORE module (requires MicroCA)
  • MicroSERVICEREGISTRY a repository of user authentication required services
  • MicroCARD application to personalize signature creation devices (QSCD cards)
  • MicroCERTMANAGER to handle certificates (tokens, soft tokens, mobile-based, remote signature)
  • MicroTSC DB a database that counts end user time stamp usage (requires MicroTSA)
  • MicroCUSTOMERSERVICE an online customer service module (appointments, renewals, modifications)
  • MicroSCEP to implement automated certificate issuer for mobile devices (based on SCEP)
  • MicroONLINEFORMS for easy certificate applications via online forms
  • MicroARCHIVE GATEWAY (requires MicroARCHIVE)

Supplementary services

  • Public policy documentation of trust services
  • Integration support, on-site implementation
  • Hardware components to deliver complete appliances





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