What is a time stamp?

Time stamp is a data which associated with or logically linked to an electronic document. Using time stamp allows to verify that the document is unchanged compared to the state at the time the time stamp is placed. Time stamp contains the imprint of the signature document and the time of the authentic and accurate clock of the trust service provider which was signed by the trust service provider thereby ensuring their consistency. As a result, it can be proved later and before a third party that the document existed at that time and in the given form.

Advantage of time stamping: If a document has both an electronic signature and a time stamp, then not only can evidence that the document be signed by the person whose certificate is included in the signature, but also that the document was signed before the date in the time stamp and has not changed since the signing.

  • Legally recognized time stamp service
  • Compliance with the RFC 3161 specification
  • Issuing more than 120 time stamps per second
  • Supporting the SHA-256 algorithm
  • Uses standard authentication on HTTPS via username-password or authentication certificate
  • Flexible pricing for small and heavy users
  • Flat rate for unlimited usage (no performance is guaranteed, however, a performance level of 5 time stamps/second for this service is maintained)
  • Available as per transaction rate also with guaranteed performance

Demo Time Stamp Service free of charge and without any constraints.

There are two ways for implementing the test online:

  • Set the Microsec Basic Test URL in your signature creation software: https://bteszt.e-szigno.hu/tsa
  • Login: teszt
  • Password: teszt

Please note, that the test service is not made for testing high performance. We strongly suggest you to use the latest SHA256 algorythm. Our regular time stamp service charges fees. A service contract must be signed to access the service. The e-Szigno Certificate Authority is not responsible for test time stamps and may not be held liable for these time stamps. By using the test service, you accept, that the service provider may not be hold liable for these time stamps as they do not carry any power of proof.

Price list for prepaid time stamps

Quantity (pcs) Validity period Price (EUR)
1 000 3 months 60
10 000 1 year 400
50 000 1 year 1500
100 000 1 year 2400

If you plan to use large quantities of time stamps, we are ready to provide you with a dedicated time stamp service access to provide high performance. The high performance service guarantees a minimum of 500 time stamps/second.

For larger time stamp packages or for more detailed information, please contact us

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