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About us

The main profile of Hungarian owned Microsec, founded in 1984, on one hand, is the development and operation of corporate registry systems, and full scale services based on electronic signature technology, on the other. Our company is the largest Hungarian certificate authority, PKI supplier of electronic signature based management and messaging systems. As a certificate authority, we provide outstanding services in the field of certified private documents and private documents representing conclusive evidence, as well as PKI based e-Szignó business solutions.

Our mission

Through our innovative solutions we assist and support the development and expansion of user friendly electronic procurement in both the private sector and the central administration. Our goal is to provide certified private documents representing conclusive evidence in electronic environments, and to deliver those through secure channels in properly encrypted form from sender to addressee. The key success factor of our business lays in the results of our clients - our solutions bring them significant profit in the short run already, and make electronic procurement and management widely available.

Our activities

Quality assurance and information security

The level of our services is assured by our ISO 9001 patent based quality assurance system, as well as our ISO/IEC 27001 patent based information security management system, certified by the British Lloyd’s. The physical and logical protection of our IT system was carried out based on detailed risk assessment. Our trustworthy and experienced personnel provides for the spotless operation of our system.

Physical security

The protected machine room of our CA server has been established in a way to guarantee the most available protection for our servers and data. It has no windows, its walls protect against electromagnetic in and out rays. The highest security level doors are equipped with intruder alarm and smart access control systems. There is a 24/7 video surveillance system in the highly protected rooms with entrance for colleagues in trusted positions only. Code operated, fire proof safes provide for the secure storage of our data storage devices.

In case of a catastrophe scenario should our primary location be destroyed we guarantee continuous operation within 3 hours from our secondary location.

IT security

Our IT system has been formulated to offer highest level of security for our data and signing keys. These keys are stored in nCipher’s nShield F3 type cryptographic hardware modules (this module has been tested according to FIPS 140-2 patent level 3). In our system the keys never leave the safe environment of these modules. To carry out any critical actions with the keys, the presence of at least two colleagues in trusted position is needed.

The signature creating data to our qualified certificates are issued on secure signature creating device, i.e. on special, intelligent cards, that have at least Common Criteria SSCD protection profile EAL4, or ITSEC E4 High security certificate.

Our IT system is protected by firewalls from viruses and worms spreading on the Internet, and from potential network attacks that aim to hack or to paralyze our system.

Our system has been planned that no single point of failure can influence the continuity of its undisturbed operation.

Financial guarantees

Microsec, owned by Hungarian private individuals, has solid financial background. The e-Szignó Certificate Authority, providing electronic signature connected services, has a professional liability insurance of up to HUF 250 million (EUR 800k).

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