e-Szignó Desktop Client

The client e-Signature software is a qualified electronic signature creation tool that can be used by individual users and organizations as well. The software fulfills the requirements of applicable laws, norms, recommendations, and standards. The e-Signature client can be used free of charge with any Microsec certificate and Microsec time stamping service.

  • Qualified electronic signature creation and  validation software.
  • Handles e-Akta (xml), PDF and ASiC file formats.
  • It supports the domestic company registration processes.
  • Mass signing for PDF documents.
  • The signed documents can be directly send as e-mail.
  • Built-in scanning software.
  • Supports the certificate renewal process.
  • Can be used for trusted certificates management.
  • Support for the Hungarian Citizen Portal – document sending functions.
  • e-Akta and archive PDF documents can be sent directly to the Qualified Archiving Service Provider.

MicroKSP (Key Service Provider)

Microsec KSP driver on Windows enables users to use their PKI private keys to create electronic signatures on their Windows PC, while the keys are located on their mobile device or centrally stored on a HSM device.

  • User installs the KSP driver
  • Certificates from mobile or the HSM, will appear in the Windows Certificate Store
  • Sign any file on the PC, like if the keys were also located on their PC

No integration needed.  The documents do not leave the PC during the signing procedure

e-Szignó Certificate Manager

  • Common easy to use GUI for all supported cards towards the enduser
  • Automatic remote renewal for the certificates
  • Easy to support
  • Enhanced end-user experience

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