e-Szignó SDK

The e-Szignó SDK is able to create and validate large amount of documents with qualified electronic signatures in an automated way. With the e-Szignó SDK one can easily and quickly integrate the electronic signature feature into an existing ERP, document management or workflow application, billing or archiving system. The PDF AutoSigner add-on for the e-Szignó SDK is used for mass signing PDF documents without any integration. Besides it’s a professional product, this application add-on is easy to use. An average user-level computer knowledge is enough to set it up and start it to use.

e-Szignó Webservice Server

The e-Szignó Webservice Server provides a web service interface for all features that e-Szignó provides. It is especially recommended for those companies that want to perform PKI operations centrally in their IT systems. In this server side application, more complex PKI functions can be implemented as required. The e-Szignó Webservice Server can be reached through RESP API.

Registered Electronic Mail (REM) system

By using Microsec’s REM delivery system,  e-mails can be registered and delivered, which means that the dispatch, delivery or any kind of failure about the process can be logged and proved with evidences. Messages and evidences are protected by the trust service provider's electronic signature, guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity.

VHKIR Communication Modul

  • The VHKIR communication module is a library that contains the elements needed to operate the delivery systems.
  • Different Delivery systems were built by using VHKIR:
  • The Electronic Delivery System of Execution Reports (VIEKR).
  • The Court of Auditors are using it in the Electronic Property Assurance System (CEVR).
  • It can significantly accelerate the creation and integration of a messaging modules tailored to the interface systems.

Stored Key Signature Service

The user's signature key is securely stored in the trust service provider's (Microsec) own system, which can be used for signing operations after authentication. Users are relieved of the inconveniences of key management such as certificate renewal. Operations simplified with the centralized key management.

Supported authentication methods:

  • First factor: HTTP Basic Atuhentication, Windows AD (NTLM) authentication, X509 certificate based authentication
  • Second factor (optional): PassByME mobile based authentication

Web-based signature solutions


Platform-independent, online signature creation and validation software. Integrates e-Szignó and MicroSigner functionality on a web based user interface. It can also be used with any electronic signature issued for mobile devices. Typical applications and use cases:

Companies can introduce „their own e-Signature site” easily and ergonomically, by branding the web-Szignó product:

  • Can be offered to company employees and external users (subcontarctors, customers)
  • Signature of different documents
  • Make a contract even with multiple signatures
  • Issue a purchase order
  • Signing certificate of completion


Using an encrypted channel, it allows you to sign documents stored on a remote machine with the key on the client side without moving the document. With MicroSigner, an ActiveX- and a Java-free web-based, mass signing solutions can be developed. The client-side solution runs in platform-independent, Windows, Linux, and MacOS environments. Integrated with the web-Szignó, one can create a complete corporate web signing solution quickly and easily.

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