MicroRA customer registration system

Microsec customer registration system manages certificate authority (CA) customer database and provides various registration related features such as GDPR compliancy. It is the main infrastructure component of a registration authority (RA) functionality of a CA.

MicroRA is a web-based, platform and web browser independent management system to support processes related to CA services. It is cluster mode friendly.

MicroRA easily manages tens of thousands of customers, due to the fact that a significant part of the features (such as adding services, printing documents) can be performed simultaneously for a group of customers. The server-side component of the system is based on a PostgreSQL database, it is communicating with the Apache webserver while substantive work is performed by a PHP interpreter. MicroRA client side only requires a web browser.

Main characteristics

  • Database type: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB
  • Requires Apache server

Suggested platforms

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11+
  • CentOS Linux 6+
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6+
  • Windows-based systems

Supported CA applications

  • MicroCA application
  • EJBCA CA application
  • RSA Keon CA application

MicroRA related sub components


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